Commercial Dive Harnesses

Who are we?

In 2022, WSSI acquired Custom Dive Harnesses from Joe Doiron and moved the manufacturing from British Columbia to Ontario. After some downtime to settle the new additions, Water Safety Stop Inc. began producing custom-made dive harnesses on a small scale in 2023.

We wish Joe the best retirement after his dedicated years within the dive industry.

Each harness is handmade in our very small manufacturing facility and inspected for quality assurance to provide each diver with the safest equipment available. Our harnesses have been third-party tested and certified for multiple break strength points and are exceeding CSA standards with plans to continue improving the design.

Currently, our harnesses are only available to be sold within Canada. Plans are in the works to extend this network and we will update when available.

Offering both the deluxe commercial harness and the bell commercial harness, each with multiple options available to best support your work environment. The harnesses also come with an individual serial number, to track each harness, their dives, and ongoing inspection records.

Currently, our harnesses are being used by police departments, commercial divers in construction and fisheries, and dive students across Canada.

To place a bulk harness order, please download the order form and email it to and we will get back to you to confirm the order and finalize shipping prices.