Commercial Equipment For Sale

Please see the images below for equipment that is available for sale.
Prices are negotiable – please contact us for further images, information, or questions.
The equipment was purchased with the intent of creating a commercial dive construction branch of WSSI, but as visible on our website, our business has taken a different direction.

The majority of equipment has been housed in a dry garage and will need to be dusted off.

Also available, but not pictured, is 1×600 ft umbilical on a roll, 1 empty roll.
The other umbilicals pictured are 2×180 ft and 3×340 ft, all taped with coms, pneumo, life line, and airline.
The infrared fish finder has a 150 ft cord and viewing capabilities with a soft-sided case and screen cover.
The Kirby Morgan super lite 27’s come with a soft-sided carrying case and less than 20 dives combined between both helmets.

Pictured with minimal information is misc equipment from previously active dive companies that we’ve collected.